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Life Changing Principles

God has given us a number of health laws that will heal us from all manner of disease and/or keep us from getting sick ever again (according to Exodus 15:26). So, through our Prep Series and 40-day Journey, we teach you how to incorporate 8 simple principles every day for the rest of your life.

40DB2E Prep Series

This 5-week course is designed to serve as the intermediary step between your current lifestyle and the 40DB2E journey for personal training and insider tips (mastering the 8 laws of health, schedule curation, meal planning, exercise compositions, health assessments and coaching, program-transitioning, and much more) to get you ready to complete the 40 Days Back to Eden journey successfully! Enroll now to enjoy the fellowship as you get on your way ;-)

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40DB2E Journey

This comprehensive 40-day guided plan walks you step-by-step through a complete lifestyle change (mind, body, and soul) using God’s Plan, the divinely-inspired path to a better life! With plenty of helpful support from experienced Facilitators, Mentors, and fellow Sojourners, you’ll be happy to register for our next 40 Days Back to Eden journey where relationships are forged while learning new things in the pursuit of perfecting health and character for the glory of God!

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*All programs are offered free of charge to members, but your support is appreciated 💝

It’s definitely not a fad-“something.”

The ultimate reason this program was set in motion was (and still is) to foster wholistic growth and development.

Dear Family,

We’re living in an age where many are plagued with all manner of sickness and disease. But this was never God’s will for mankind. Satan has worked hard to wreak havoc in the human frame, bent on erasing the image of the Father from the forms of His children. But God has always had a plan to restore us.

Birthed in the creation of a perfect world, and reestablished in the wilderness with the children of Israel, the 8 Laws of Health are just as effective and unchangeable now as they were then. Godly Trust, Open Air, Daily Exercise, Sunlight, Proper Rest, Lots of Water, Always Temperate, and Nutrition.

These simple, natural agents have always been heaven’s only approved method to sustain and restore health. Yet, they have been largely neglected by many (even though they’re just as much a part of God’s divine law as the ten commandments). But you can make a difference. You can make a change.

Our precious Lord and Savior is coming back soon for a people whose love for Him is expressed in keeping His commandments. All of them, health and moral.

Join the ranks of the redeemed who are responding to the sweet voice of Jesus, restored in health and renewed in strength to give the last message of mercy to a dying world. 8 Laws. 40 Days. This is God’s Plan for you . . .

In faithful service,
The Eden Team


September 5, 2023

  • Our in-person 2023 Ministry Tour is underway 🥳 Want to join us? Learn more here.
  • We’ll introduce an all-new “Cooking Without Measure” intensive that will help you understand the science behind food chemistry and manipulation to create your own amazing heaven-approved recipes. Signup is coming soon!
  • While working out the logistics for our own Printing Press (so that all of our books will be available OnDemand), we’ve secured a working relationship with a third-party press for our current print work (cookbooks, program-related textbooks/workbooks, etc.). This gives us the ability to provide offline program handouts and workbooks for you to follow alongside the fellowship presentations and online resources in the portal. By God’s grace, our first offerings should be available in 2023… God be praised 🙌🏻

Some things we’re not at liberty to disclose right now, but we’re no less really excited to share as the Spirit leads ✨

Thank you for your support over the years as we look forward to your continued support with your prayers, manpower, and means as the Lord allows :-)

In faithful service,
The Eden Team