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Welcome, Delicia Parnell
I live in: UK
My Email: moc.liamg@12llenrapaiciled
Return Sojourner: Yes
Consistency in keeping all the laws daily 😕
Hard Finish:
Roadmap Updates: Yes, I'm in!
Signal Phone Number: 07942897318
Phone Number:
Session 12: September 2019 New Day 1: January 2021 Prep Series 4: March 2021 Next Level 1: April 2021 Prep Series 5: June 2021 New Beginning 1: July 2021 Prep Series 6: September 2021 Finish Strong 1: October 2021 Prep Series 7: December 2021 Prep Series 8: December 2022
Yes, please!
I love Jesus and want to be healthier for Him 🙌🏾
Yes, we're better together!
Sunday Training (2hrs) Weekday Devotionals (1hr) Friday Bible Studies (1hr 20mins) Sabbath (Saturday) Seminars (1hr 30mins) Finale Weekend Celebration (February 10-12)
How to Study the Bible, overcoming Mental Health
No, I'm not.
No, I'm not.
3-Day Lemon Cleanse (normal starting point)
Social media Multimedia (TV, radio, etc.)
$ 0.00
No, not at this time... thank you.
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