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Welcome, Angela Fletcher
I live in: United States
My Email: moc.ecivresegdirb@hctelfa
Return Sojourner: Yes
The first week
Hard Finish:
Roadmap Updates: Yes, I'm in!
Signal Phone Number:
Phone Number: 917-972-4195
Session 3: March 2016
No, not at this time.
I have been experiencing digestive problems, some reflux. Gain better eating habits.
No, it's just me and the good Lord for now :-)
Sabbath (Saturday) Seminars (1hr 30mins)
No, I'm not.
No, I'm not.
3-Day Lemon Cleanse (normal starting point)
$ 100.00
Yes, I'd like to show my support and appreciation for this life-changing program!
$100 - $ 100.00
Credit Card
Angela Fletcher XXXXXXXXXXXX2745 Visa
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