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Welcome, Kemunto Maranga
I live in: Canada
My Email: moc.liamg@0102damek
Return Sojourner: No, this will be my first time.
Hard Finish:
Roadmap Updates: Yes, I'm in!
Signal Phone Number: 6134137709
Phone Number:
Yes, please!
I want to take this initiative for my health. A friend of mine did it, and seeing her have the mental fortitude to make it through all of it was very beautiful. Building my resolve for this and making it through is something I really want to do.
Yes, we're better together!
Sis. Danika Parnell (UK)
Sunday Training (2hrs) Weekday Devotionals (1hr) Finale Weekend Celebration (February 10-12)
Mental fortitude, music, patience on your journey with God
No, I'm not.
No, I'm not.
3-Day Lemon Cleanse (normal starting point)
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No, not at this time... thank you.
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