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I need clarity of mind because I’m praying for my daughter as she’s been experiencing slight feelings of feeling down and I’m praying that it doesn’t turn into depression. I’m praying for her to stay connected to God.

I’m also praying for a new job opportunity that will be a good fit long term.

I also need to get back on track with a healthy diet and I find praying and fasting has been my only success with staying on a healthy diet because I know I must be obedient to God during this 40 journey. And praying that this journey really helps me to stay on track long term, this time around.

I’m also praying that I stay connected to God in these last days through Bible study, prayer, and church and praying for God to perfect my character so that others see Him through me. I love the Lord and want to be ready when Jesus returns.🙏🏽❤️ Sorry for the mouthful🙈😔