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Welcome, Vanessa Cyrus
I live in: UK
My Email: moc.duolci@s0.aep.tliw
Return Sojourner: No, this will be my first time.
Hard Finish:
Roadmap Updates: Yes, I'm in!
Signal Phone Number: 07926341218
Phone Number:
Yes, please!
I heard about this program from another person who is in this journey and she has rave about how good it is. I want to join to experience the health benefits and to get back closer to my lord not just for January but for always and this seems to be a good start.
No, it's just me and the good Lord for now :-)
Sis. Brenda Chikasha (UK)
Weekday Devotionals (1hr)
Yes, I am.
No, I'm not.
4-Day Watermelon/Papaya Cleanse
Social media
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Remind me later!
January 31, 2023
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